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Restless Hearts - RM Alexander

The Order (Immortals Book 1)

The Order (Immortals Book 1)

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Immortals clash in a battle for humanity's soul.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Spellbinding" 

 As one of the oldest and most skilled Guardians of the vampiric Order, Celeste is an enigmatic force to be reckoned with. Her unwavering determination to shield the fragile human race from the malevolent desires of the fae is unmatched. But when a mission places her in the path of a fae who defies all expectations, her carefully constructed existence begins to crumble.


  • Enemies to lovers
  • Vampires vs fae
  • Thriller/ adventure/ suspense

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "This is worth the binge."

Full Blurb

As one of the oldest and most skilled Guardians of the vampiric Order, Celeste is an enigmatic force to be reckoned with. Her unwavering determination to shield the fragile human race from the malevolent desires of the fae is unmatched. But when a mission places her in the path of a fae who defies all expectations, her carefully constructed existence begins to crumble.

In an unexpected twist, this enigmatic fae becomes a protector of humans, standing against his own kindred and the chaos they seek to unleash upon the mortal realm. Celeste finds herself torn between duty and a heart that she had long locked away.

In a world swirling with dark secrets, she must decide whom to trust as enemies emerge from the depths of darkness. Amidst the eerie whispers of danger, Celeste faces an impossible decision: stand with the allies she was destined to fight beside, or succumb to the lure of the very enemy she once vowed to destroy.

InImmortals, RM Alexander weaves a dark and eerie tale of forbidden love, insidious intrigue, and the battle to preserve the delicate balance between the world of humans and the supernatural. With stunning writing and heart-stopping action, this urban fantasy romance will leave you craving for more.

LOOK INSIDE at Chapter One

I'm a Guardian. My job (if that's what you want to call it) is to protect people. Because that's what vampires do.

I know, I know. You're thoroughly confused now. I bet you even think this is some kind of trick to lure in you, gain your trust, and then drain you of your blood. I assure you that isn't my goal. But before I can tell you why I brought you here, you need to understand some key points if anything I say going forward is to make any sense.

The first is this basic truth: Common folklore is egregiously false and further complicated by mainstream books and movies. Secondly, (and you're going to think I'm contradicting myself but stay with me): at the core, folklore is based on some fact. We do drink blood and bright
sunlight is our enemy. But, and thirdly: The shared consciousness of what
humans believe they know about the supernatural world isn't only wrong but is filled with misconceptions that can cost them their lives.

So sit back and listen carefully. Because clearing up all those misconceptions is essential to the future of your kind. I can assure you my story will be challenged, but all I have to say is true. And more importantly, regardless of what anyone else believes, it is time you knew.

Chapter One

 "Celeste! Have you
heard the order?"

I groaned as I punched
the button on my iPhone. My last assignment had been disastrously boring, and I
had been looking forward to at least twenty-four hours to myself. A chance to feed, relax, and find center before I returned to duty. I should have known better, but knowing has never stopped me from dreaming.

An error on my part, sure, but I've never been good at learning from my mistakes. A character flaw I planned to remedy.

"Celeste! Did you hear me? You know the Order doesn't take kindly to waiting."

My lip curled back to expose my fangs, but Drusilla was neither impressed nor deterred. Shaking my
head, I rose from the chaise. "Yeah, I heard. Don't let your blood curdle."

With a toss of her long
golden hair, Drusilla rolled her eyes and started for the door. "You can't expect them to dismiss your attitude forever. You may be one of the top
guardians, but you are far from the only one."

"I don't expect anything,"
I muttered. I didn't have to wonder if she heard me. That was something humans got right – we do have excellent hearing. But Drusilla wouldn't respond, and that was fine with me.

Drusilla and I weren't friends, and never would be. Competition was fierce among the guardians for two
reasons. First, and simply, we come by it naturally, especially among our own kind. Some consider it a weakness or a flaw, most of us consider it a necessity.

The truth was probably
somewhere in the middle.

And secondly, the Order
encourages this natural trait. Our charges are assigned to us based on rank, and that rank among us is absolutely fluid. We mess up, we lose rank, we get assigned some lowlife to guard. No one wants to guard a lowlife.

These two factors make
friendships among vampires rare and trust rarer. It's not a problem. You don't miss what you've never had.

I opened the large, ornately carved door, heavy by human standards, and stepped into the hall. The Order was richer than any human or government, with a wealth that had been amassed since the beginning of time and was well-managed. Each of our campuses reflected this fact in some manner.

In the residency area, the Order's campus was more contemporary in design with clean lines and minimalist furniture. Large artistic chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and conceptual art of paint splattered in complimenting colors hung from the walls.
There were a dozen doors lining the hall in this wing, identical to the other
four branches. Each stemmed from the central atrium.

Our campus was small
compared to the many others located throughout the world. While each could be
operated individually, the Order as a whole was intricately connected, as were the rankings among each division. It provided a complex structure to an essential organization, but also made competition that much fiercer.

Like I said, it's a vampire thing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Simon Graeme
Excellent foray into urban fantasy

I've followed this story almost since the beginning. Great characterization and world-building. Mystery, intrigue, and action. I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

Troy Tate
A breath of fresh air!

Okay, I admit it I love vampires and tend to read SO many vampire stories but sometimes it gets stale and repetitive. Enter in RM Alexander and a MASSIVE breath of fresh air. This is now one of my favorite stories and I look forward to a new episode every week. RM Alexander not only has turned so many tropes on their head, but did a phenomenal job of it. Excellent world building and strong characters. If you like vampires, trust me this is worth a binge.

Tirzah Hawkins

New spin on fae and vampires. Looking forward to more!

Andrew Hicks
Trope-busting good times!

To turn vampire tropes on their head is somewhat of a trope in and of itself these days, so I knew heading into The Immortals that RM Alexander was going to have to possess a spellbinding combination of ingenuity and finesse to hold my engaged attention. Thankfully, Alexander nails it and knocks it out of the park. I love the idea of vampires as unseen guardians, and the way it is executed here works wonderfully and naturally. It starts out more than competent in establishing the world and a few of the ground rules, letting the characters become ingrained in our imagination, and building just the right amount of mystery and foreshadowing. Awesome stuff. Sign me up.