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Restless Hearts - RM Alexander

Strategies of the Heart Bundle

Strategies of the Heart Bundle

Includes 3 full-length novels

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Get the entire three-book series by International Bestselling Romantic Suspense Author, RM Alexander.  

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Captivating"

When passion collides with peril, the glittering facade of Hollywood conceals a game of deception and betrayal more cutthroat than any screenplay. Love thrives in the spotlight, but so does danger—and the stars are not the only ones playing for the highest stakes.

  • Celebrity romance
  • Cinderella trope with a twist
  • A roller coaster of suspense

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "A must-read!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "A powerful & unique romance!"

Full Blurb

After a nasty divorce, all Paige Reed wants is some worry-free fun. Little does she know that checking out a location shoot will put her on the path to meeting Hollywood insider, Kellen Richards. His charm, wit, and sexy Texan accent sweep Paige off her feet.Their unexpected romance blurs the line between A-list actors and the world outside of the Hollywood bubble, but a simple Cinderella romance is not in the script, not when a mastermind is pulling strings behind the scenes. The closer they circle toward the truth, the more perilous their journey becomes, until the final, shattering revelation threatens an endgame no one saw coming. It's more than love on the line—it's survival.Will the strategies of the heart guide them to checkmate or to an unforeseen denouement that could leave them both exposed to a final, fatal strike? Feel the heat of the spotlight and the chill of suspense. Every page turn is a gamble—will you dare to play?


 Paige sat on a simple stool in
front of the breakfast bar and stared hard at the official document. After months of waiting, the finality felt … foreign. She waved the paper and flipped it over once, then twice.

It was actually real. 

Paige scanned the small living room inside the two-bedroom apartment she moved into six months earlier. Most of the
belongings from the marriage remained with her ex. Possessions meant far less
than dignity. The unwanted memories attached to beds and couches held no
attraction. Now, the fresh and new dressed the space she called home—a small,
plain loveseat, television with a stand, a coffee table. The minimal furnishings were enough.

She looked at the document. Ten years of marriage, over. Just like that. Only not really 'just like that'. The tally spanned years of battles and pain and tears followed by months of going back and forth with attorneys while enduring angry phone calls in the middle of the night. The marriage culminated in a single moment in front of a judge.

All of it ended with two simple
questions and a final decree.

Paige gazed across the room out the glass balcony door to a drizzling southeastern Michigan afternoon. Her fingers combed through strawberry strands of hair, then braided a few strands together, unbraided them, and tousled the hair once more. Thoughts stalled, her heart
numb. The hurt she'd felt for so long was gone, replaced with an odd vacancy.
Where was the mourning, the emptiness, she'd heard accompanied divorce?

Maybe there was something wrong with her.

With trembling fingers, Paige
picked up the phone and dialed the one person who would understand.

Her sister answered on the first
ring. “How’d it go?”

“It’s official, Lil." Her gaze
fell on the paper. "I’m divorced.”

A long, careful pause. “How’s it

Paige chuckled. “I wasn't sure. Not until you asked. But, actually, it feels pretty darn good. Like the weight of
the world is off my shoulders.”

“Then why the crackling voice?”

She drew in a steadying breath and reread the legal jargon overstating a simple notion.

 The absolution of marriage between Paige Timmerman and Drew Timmerman.

 The absolution. Paige rested both elbows on the counter and closed her eyes. “It's … strange.” She laughed. “I think
I’m exhausted.”

“You know what you need? A break. Something wild and crazy and fun.”

“I’m thirty-six years old, I don’t
know wild and crazy anymore." She straightened, finger tracing a circle on the counter. "Not altogether familiar with fun these days, either.”

“That’s exactly what I’m talking
about. You need fun. No stress, a little silliness, all with a fantastic sister.”

“And who would that be?”

Lil laughed in a melodic tone.
“Very funny. I heard the filming for that new Grey Richards movie is happening
in Detroit. Let’s go down there, see if we can get a glimpse of Mr. Richards.”

Paige’s face crinkled as she folded the document and shoved it into the black plastic tray at the end of the counter
between other papers. Bills, so many of them, all hers now. A reliable job was more than capable of taking care of them, but the pile resisted the new
addition and signaled yet another clue to her single status. She swiveled away.
“What? Like teenage groupies?”

“Why not? You can’t tell me Grey Richards isn’t as sexy as they come.”

“No, I can’t say that. But still … we’re closing in on middle-age and you want to go hang around a movie set? Grey
Richards wouldn't notice us if we were the only women in the room.”

Lil snorted. “Ouch, that’s harsh.
And you underestimate us. We may be nearing the age of cougar-ism, but we’re still pretty hot. Come on, what do you say? Live a little.”

“This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of.”


“And it’s a total waste of time.”


“When will Grey Richards be in

A squeal forced Paige to pull the phone away from her ear. She smiled. Her single sister remained carefree. At
thirty-four, Lil had yet to find the right person or be jaded by the ugliness of a relationship gone horribly wrong. Lil didn't do long-term relationships
and didn't seem bothered with the built-in revolving door attached to her

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Language: English

Number of Pages: 846 pages

Estimated Time to Read: 15 hours

Word Count: 231,614

Series & All Books in Series: Strategies of the Heart (Impact, Mask, Stricken)

Formats: ePub & Mobi

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I couldn't stop listening

I became a part of the lives of her characters

Great romantic suspense

Stricken is a fast-paced romantic suspense with lots of twists and turns that will keep you flipping the pages. It is the third book in the Strategies of the Heart series. Trinity Richards moves to Los Angeles. Her Hollywood, high-profile brothers are already there. Stricken starts with the knowledge that in the prior book the brothers endured a horrific attempt on their lives that actually took the life of another Hollywood A-Lister’s (Tim) wife. As Tim mourns the loss of his wife, mostly with the help of a booze bottle, Trinity Richards befriends him. Her kind heart has her reaching out to Tim to help him find his way out of the dark hole of despair he’s buried himself in. Unfortunately, Trinity’s move to Los Angeles has come complete with a target on her back and Tim cannot bear the thought of another loss. First, he shuts down and retreats, but then his protective nature takes hold and he’ll do anything to protect Trinity. I’ve probably already said too much so to avoid any further spoilers, I’ll just say this…If you enjoy romantic suspense novels with twists and turns, and complex relationship building, Stricken is the novel for you.

High stakes family drama, romance, and suspense!

Stricken is a twisty turny fast-paced thrill ride kind of story! From page one, it engaged all your senses and sucks you into a life of deception and revenge. The author skillfully weaves family saga, Intrigue, accidents, and deception into the beautiful romances she builds page after page. In fact, it is woven so tightly that it makes reviewing this book difficult simply trying to avoid spoilers! With this long and complicated book, the author still manages to keep an eye on every detail and didn't drop one storyline to focus on another. I could experience these couples' joy and pain as they fell in love and also tried to navigate the drama thrown at them. Twits, turns, heartbreak, pain, misunderstanding, family drama, and suspense keep you turning the pages to the very end. I would recommend Stricken to anyone who loves romantic suspense with high drama and powerful romance.

A powerful and unique romance!

Starting with a heartbreaking opening that depicts parental love and helplessness, this book instantly drew me in. We then are introduced to Paige Reed, a newly divorced 36- year-old, recovering from a controlling ex-husband. Her sister Lil soon convinces her that what Paige really needs to get out and start her life over. So why not go and see Greg Richards, the handsome mega movie star from Hollywood, coincidentally in town for a movie shoot? They drive to the impromptu movie set and Greg is gorgeous, but it’s his brother Kellen who bumps into Paige and it’s attraction at first sight. The question then crops up: What happens when the possible love of your life is only temporarily visiting your city? How do you go from there? As I continued reading, I realized this book could simply have been about a heartwarming romance (which, IMO, can sometimes be a tad boring), but no, this author choose to throw huge curveballs into the story, which kept me furiously turning those pages to find out what was going to happen next.

Patrice Wilton
Suspense/Romance/ a must read story!

Wow! Just Wow! First time I've read this author and won't be my last. Beautiful writing, a wonderful romance, the Cinderella story of Paige, a normal girl from Detroit escaping a marriage gone bad, meeting someone filming a movie, who is drawn to her right from the start. The descriptions are exquisite, making me reread them on occasion, and the people so real that you can't wait to see their HEA. Yet this fairy-tale story does not always run smoothly. Twists and turns, heartache and sorrow, a thrilling suspense thrown in and what more do you need? A must read author, that I'll look for again.