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Restless Hearts - RM Alexander

Revelations (Shadows Book 3)

Revelations (Shadows Book 3)

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Only the strong will survive a war few know exists... 

  • Paranormal romance
  • Werewolves, werecats, & other creatures
  • Mystery & suspense

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The lines have been drawn. Rachel searches for ways of setting her adopted family free of the evil caused by Telov's experiments. Winning requires nothing less than full cooperation from all factions, leaving Rachel and Leonardo to unite forces bonded by hate. In the search, Rachel uncovers truths more crippling than any she has known that will threaten all that she has come to love. 

The war has arrived, and anything less than success promises to forever poison the beauty of the mountains with the stench of death.

Sneak Peek at Chapter One

Rachel Bracket hurried down sterilized alabaster halls, sneakers squeaking against the tiles. It was after hours, and top brass had long since gone home for the day. Most
scientists were gone as well. Only a few remained, but Rachel knew which labs
they worked in, and she didn't think they'd find her. Or, in the housekeeping role, care if they did.

It was the perfect cover. 

Rachel patted her waistband and fought back a grin. The paperwork remained tucked safely between her skin and belt. Memory sticks were near impossible to smuggle out of
the labs, but paper was a different matter altogether. Metal detectors wouldn't
see the documents, and guards would be too tired during the late evening hours
to pat down what the security equipment gave them no cause to find. 

She loosened the required bun and allowed the long hair to fall loose over her shoulders. The
cleaning cart was in a maintenance closet, locker emptied. It'd been three
months since she'd come to work at Telov. Getting the job hadn't been easy, but in the end, she'd convinced the powers that be—and Troy Jackson—that she'd decided to follow in the footsteps of her grandparents. Having the
granddaughter of Sophia and Conrad Collingsworth on staff turned out to be too big of an incentive in the end.

The position in housekeeping allowed access to nearly every lab and office. 

A good position. Not without risk, but worth the possibilities.

She ran a hand through her hair and smoothed out her clothes. Metal detectors couldn't find papers, but even tired guards would be suspicious if she acted strangely. She drew in a breath. The performance was the most critical, and toughest, part of the job.

Rachel fought the urge to run out of the labs and into the forest where Justiz and Silviana waited. But the cameras remained on, as they did twenty-four—seven, and running would beckon questions.

Opening the storage closet door, she took methodic steps into the hall and eased towards
the entrance with head down.

With an acknowledging nod at the guards, she walked through the metal detectors without incident, said goodnight to each man and entered into the mountain air.

Like all employees, Rachel followed the concrete sidewalk to a large parking lot
surrounded by the tall birches and pines of the surrounding Bitterroot Forest.

Nearly there. I've made it.

"Ms. Brackett."

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Language: English

Number of Pages: 204 pages

Estimated Time to Read: 3 hours

Word Count: 47,861

Series & All Books in Series: Shadows (Veil of Secrecy, Dark Crossings, Revelations, & Birth of the Forbidden

Formats: ePub & Mobi

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Donna Vitale
Good book.

Good book. Characters were well written.

Robert Hutton

This is the best book of the series and the saddest!! Love the intrigue and romance!! It all comes together!!

Sharon Donahue
Revelations (Shadows Book 3)

The story was fantastic. Following Rachel and her friends through this adventure has been all encompassing. Ending was sad and melancholy.

Marti V

The third of the series. Is as good as the first two..the story continued and then ended on a surprising touch...

Full of surprises with and ending you will not expect

This is the finally book in this series the author gives you as many twist and turns in this as she did in the last two. This was a really good series which will keep you turning the pages trying to guess how it will end. I have really enjoyed this series this last addition was full of surprises and might not have the ending you think. To understand you must read in order or you will be totally lost. Rachel is still on the hunt to set everyone free and stop the research of mixing human and animal DNA. The war is coming and Rachel is right in the middle of it. She finds new information telling of her own background which will shock her and put her world in a tailspin. Her love for Leonardo is strong and growing each day. She will gain a lot but lose so much more. Leonardo and Justin are still in a battle for Rachel heart. There is no love like that of Rachel and Leonardo. In this war many will die and others will live only to have to walk away and hope for the best. Leonardo stole my heart from the start, Justin he just didn't do it for me.