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Restless Hearts - RM Alexander

Matter of Choice

Matter of Choice

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Some promises can't be kept...

  • Second chance at love
  • Successful business woman
  • Twists & turns

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Shannon Winters' life became irreversibly twisted and forever changed after her husband's horrific car accident. Now she hides behind the beautiful boutique hotel she owns and operates on the Hudson River. Her husband's constant affairs and harsh treatment caused by debilitating amnesia leave Shannon fighting to find the love she lost.

Triston Keyes needs closure from the woman he'd hurt in high school. On a business trip, he finds himself face-to-face with the very person living rent-free in his heart and mind. Shannon is everything he's remembered and more.

Together, they find the chemistry continues to haunt them both. More powerful than they remember and more tempting than they can fight, both must face fears, loss, and memories to choose the right path.

Prepare to be moved by Matter of Choice, a gripping tale of redemption, forbidden love, and the enduring power of the heart. RM Alexander takes you on an emotional roller coaster as Shannon and Triston navigate their past and present, desperate to find closure and forgiveness. Can they overcome the obstacles that fate has placed in their path? Will love conquer all?

Sneak Peek at Chapter One

Shannon Winters relaxed against the leather chair and tapped on the down arrow, paging through unrecognizable
names. Her shoulders relaxed. It was going to be an easy day at the Grande Marquis—no actors, no political figures. Just everyday people, ready to begin their vacation from the rat race.

Being upstate along the banks of the Hudson River just outside of Paree, New York, famous names on the guest
list was a normal occurrence at the Grande Marquis. They came from the city, or
D.C., many flew across the country, to call the hotel their destination of choice. The Grande provided refuge from the demands of paparazzi and tourists eager to pull camera phones out. That kind of thing wasn't tolerated. The
attention to detail carried weight. And, despite the respect Shannon had for
her employees, the burden of the overly rich and famous remained joyfully on her shoulders. She alone ensured they were granted the same privacy as other guests. No one else to blame if something went wrong, although things rarely went wrong. She made sure of that, too.

Still, she would stand in the
lobby and greet most of them personally. That was the job, and Shannon liked it. Loved it, in fact.

She took a bite of breakfast,
lukewarm from sitting too long on the plate, and spun the chair. Eyes closed and head back, Shannon rolled the softened English muffin and tender egg between her teeth before swallowing. Late nights and early mornings demanded
easy workloads. For this morning, at least, it appeared that demand would be


The ring of line one interrupted
the quiet, and Shannon sat up, blinked away sleepiness, and reached for the receiver. Naomi, the daytime front desk clerk, voiced forced discomfort through the line. "We have a problem in the lobby, Ms. Winters."

Shannon's heart sank, intuition
waving the familiar red flag, screaming an identity she yearned to deny. It could be a guest or a visitor, she reminded herself. "Did you call

An awkward silence and then, "It's Mr. Winters, ma'am."

Shannon pulled the constricting air through her nostrils. So much for faulty intuition. "Thank you, Naomi. I'll be there in a moment."

She laid the receiver in the
cradle and watched as the red light blinked off, then pushed the plate aside, her appetite ruined. It'd been a good week since Greg's last disruption. The hope there wouldn't be another was short-sighted and plain optimistic. Greg was
becoming infamous for public, unruly behavior which knew no boundaries for rearing its ugly head.

Not even her place of business.

Shannon locked the computer,
rushed out of the office, and down the carpeted hallway towards the public areas of the hotel, past the managerial offices of the salaried employees. Housekeeping, maintenance, and customer service supervisors wouldn't be in for another hour. She wouldn't ask for their help if they were in. Her husband was her problem.

Opening the ‘Employee Only' door, she stepped into the main floor's south wing corridor. Heels clicked against
marble flooring as she hurried towards the towering lobby and familiar boisterous baritone.

"Welcome, everyone. You're
going to love it here. Love it! Let's all be friends, find the bar, and share a drink. Or two. Or three." Greg's laugh reverberated against the white and pink marble, amplifying every drunken, slurred syllable.

She nodded absently at guests as she turned the corner, neck needled by raised hairs. Greg Winters stood in the
middle of the four-story expanse. His short, ebony hair stood at prickly attention. The thickened, black shadows of more than a day missed shaving dressed his narrowly chiseled features. A beer bottle was gripped within thick fingers. Clusters of guests gathered around, others passing with heads down in an effort to ignore the scene. Some whispered to one another as they shot under-eyed glances in Greg's direction. Others kept their gazes trained on the floor, the
artwork on the walls, the furthest reaches of the Mid-Hudson River visible
through the floor-to-ceiling windows which graced the east side of the building.

Shannon weaved around them all with a thick spine and stopped to stand behind her husband.

A hand rested on her shoulder. "Would you like for me to escort him out, Ms. Winters?"

She turned to face the head
security guard for the Grande. "No, thank you, Stevens. I'll take care of this. Please tell Naomi to offer guests a voucher for a free dinner on the night of their choice for the interruption."

"Yes, Ms. Winters." He
nodded and turned down the hallway toward the door she'd exited moments before,
then disappeared out of sight.

Shannon drew in a breath through her teeth and rushed for Greg as he raised a bottle in the air at a passing
couple, splashing them with drops of brew. She whispered an apology as they hurried away and made a note to pay for dry cleaning or even new clothes, if need be. Whatever it took to satisfy her guests.

But right now, her sole focus was defusing the situation before it escalated further.

She reached for Greg's hand, heart shuddering as he flinched away. "Greg, Greg, come on." Sidling next to him, she pressed his hand, still tight around the bottleneck, gently
downward, ignored a scathing glare. No doubt he resented the intrusion, but it didn't matter. He'd come to her only sanctuary. Allowing him to ruin it was not an option. "How about you come rest in one of the guest rooms? I have a vacancy. You can watch some TV, maybe get some sleep." Shannon rested her other hand on Greg's fading biceps, now alien against the memories of gym-toned masculinity.

Greg snatched his arm from reach, defiance hardening the charcoal of his eyes, his voice a snarl. "I don't want to sleep. I want to party." He pushed against her weaker hold and
raised the bottle with a grin, surveying the room. His voice bellowed, pressing the gathering crowd together as conspiratorial whispers were drowned in the outburst. "Where's a pretty date wanting some great entertainment? I've
got it right here." He gestured at his gyrating groin, barking laughter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Angst filled second chance contemporary romance

Shannon had the marriage of her dreams until her husband Greg was in a car accident. Surviving, he was diagnosed with amnesia which caused a complete about face with his personality. Drinking heavily and having affairs with numerous women, Greg’s totally insensitive to his wife’s feelings, claiming he has no memory of their marriage. As horrible as their marriage has become, Shannon refuses to give up on the hope that Greg will someday remember their past, and life with Greg will become the fairy tale relationship they’d once shared. She’s made a success of the hotel near the Hudson she’d received as a wedding gift, but Greg often comes to the hotel drunk and disrupts operations, and to make life worse for Shannon, he’s become mean and abusive. But no matter how difficult, she continues to honor her wedding vows. Enter Tristen Keyes, the boyfriend from high school who broke her heart. Although he’s there vacationing with another woman, it isn’t serious, and once he sees Shannon again, he realizes he’s never really gotten over her. In the back of this mind, he thought apologizing for the past might make him feel better, but it turns out that what he really wants is Shannon. He respects her feelings and treats her as a friend, but after discovering that Greg’s betrayal is much deeper than it appears on the surface, Tristen offers his support as she deals with the backlash. Her experiences with men have left her feeling completely insecure and Shannon is on an emotional rollercoaster through most of the story. What will be her choice?

Star Crossed Love and Second Chances

Every once in a while, I like to pick up a lighthearted romance, especially when it has second chances and star-crossed love. Matter of Choice is just that. After a horrible car accident left her husband, Greg, with amnesia and unable to remember his marriage, Shannon Winters tries to hold together her marriage and her life, which is difficult when her husband is attracted to other women. Running into Tristen Keyes, a past relationship who still curls her toes, presents an age old challenge. Does she stay in a loveless marriage or follow her heart? Matter of choice is a great story to take your mind off the craziness of the world today.

Michelle Sheets
Five Stars

Awesome book

One man's choice leads to another's reward

Shannon is married to Greg, who has amnesia or is faking, for two years has been having affairs with other women as well as causing problems at the Grande hotel. Triston is the first love, who visits while on vacation. This story is full of betrayal, domestic violence, and a chance at true love. Very informative book for all ages and gender.

T London
good book

Matter of Choice was an emotional read for me. To watch Shannon have to decide between her heart and her morals was intense. While most of us take our wedding vows seriously, at what point are you free to leave your spouse and build a life on your own? When do you lay the guilt down of leaving and reach for happiness? These are the questions Shannon had to answer for her own life. She owns a hotel that is her pride and joy in life. The hotel is the one thing that she can look at and feel excitement about. Her husband had been in a car accident and it left him with amnesia. Not remembering his wife or the vows they took, Shannon is confronted with the line of women her husband continued to see and bring home. Her marriage as she knew it was over, their past was gone, wiped clean as if it never happened. For Shannon though, it did happen and she was still invested in her marriage, she said I do and she meant it. You would think that would be an easy choice to make, but what if her husband wouldn’t do that if he had been mentally functioning as the man she married? Can she be absolved of her sin of breaking her marriage up because of his medical condition? There were times I just wanted to shake her and tell her she deserved better, but then I could see her point and wanted to support her. His medical condition should not be permission for the abuse she felt watching someone else have that part of her husband’s life. Life became more complicated when a man from her past showed up at her hotel. Triston could be her way out of this situation. She has feelings for him, he also is attracted to her, but can she move past his baggage and past to make a life with him. She is caught between the drama of leaving her husband for something she isn’t sure about, or staying with an empty marriage and missing out on what could be her happily ever after. While Triston knows what he wants, he also knows he can’t rush her or force her to decide. If he did she would never really be his in the end. The author wrote this story in such a way she kept me invested with the real issues of these characters. She didn’t need sex to sell her book, she gave us deep seeded questions and messages about the choices we could be faced with in life. I will say I was happy with the ending, it was a choice that was well thought out and I think she can live with her decision so I wasn’t left wanting to throw my kindle across the room. I am very impressed with this author and her ability to weave a story with such emotions, intensity and meaning and keep it at a level that was not only respectable, but mature, well thought out and sensitive