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Restless Hearts - RM Alexander

Matter of Choice Ebook

Matter of Choice Ebook

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Some promises can't be kept...

Shannon Winters' life became irreversibly twisted and forever changed after her husband's horrific car accident. Now she hides behind the beautiful boutique hotel she owns and operates on the Hudson River. Her husband's constant affairs and harsh treatment caused by debilitating amnesia leave Shannon fighting to find the love she lost.

Triston Keyes needs closure from the woman he'd hurt in high school. On a business trip, he finds himself face-to-face with the very person living rent-free in his heart and mind. Shannon is everything he's remembered and more.

Together, they find the chemistry continues to haunt them both. More powerful than they remember and more tempting than they can fight, both must face fears, loss, and memories to choose the right path.

Prepare to be moved by Matter of Choice, a gripping tale of redemption, forbidden love, and the enduring power of the heart. RM Alexander takes you on an emotional roller coaster as Shannon and Triston navigate their past and present, desperate to find closure and forgiveness. Can they overcome the obstacles that fate has placed in their path? Will love conquer all?

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