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Restless Hearts - RM Alexander

Birth of the Forbidden

Birth of the Forbidden

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Dr. Sophia Collingsworth plays a dangerous balancing act with science. The government turns it into a deadly game, taking control of the lab she's spent decades building. Wanting to tip the scales, Sophia's final moves are down to a lifetime's worth of work. And her conscious.

In a world where knowledge is power, Sophia holds the key to something forbidden--a discovery that could reshape reality itself. As she fights to protect her research and evade those who would stop at nothing to control it, Sophia finds herself tangled in a web of intrigue, deception, and betrayal.

A race against time ensues, with Sophia searching for allies in the most unexpected places. Every decision has consequences, and the line between friend and enemy blurs as she uncovers shocking secrets and faces unimaginable dangers.

Birth of the Forbidden is a suspenseful tale of scientific ambition, moral dilemmas, and the power of one woman's relentless pursuit to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Can Sophia navigate the treacherous path she's chosen, or will her life's work be lost forever?

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