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Kindle Vella Serial Stories


Immortal Guardians

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Romantic Suspense

Episodes 1-83 now available!

Humans are fragile, and Celeste will stop at nothing to ensure they’re able to live in peace from the fae who would destroy them.

Then, she falls for the enemy.


Paranormal romantic suspense

Episodes 1-74 now available!

Skylar Hale had one job: ready the family estate for sale and return to life. But family mysteries lurk behind every wall and around every corner. And something even darker hides in the shadows.


Black Seas

Episodes 1-17 now available!

Romantic Suspense

Marine researcher Kylie Haynes has devoted her life to protecting the waters she loves. A blind date with drifter Cameron Hughes isn't about to change that, especially when she learns he works on an offshore rig. But when a suspicious explosion rattles the world around them, they are forced to work together as they scramble for answers. Despite their undeniable attraction, love doesn't always conquer all, and the answers they seek may cost them their lives.


Romantic Suspense

Episodes 1-14

Five years after her husband's death, Zoe Parson is finally ready to move forward with her life. But when a letter arrives that threatens to rip a bright future from her grasp.

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