the shadows series

Veil of Secrecy
Book #1

Paranormal Thriller/Sci-Fi/Romantic Suspense

Veil of Secrecy - RM Alexander
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Rachel Bracket breathes new life into her soul with three little goals: relocate, settle in Montana, and start a new business.

Curiosity drives her into the surrounding forest, where an improbable meeting teaches her of an ominous heritage, complete with a forewarning. The new professors of her history show the atrocities of genetic engineering, all of them seeking vengeance and making Rachel ground zero for the sins of an unknown grandmother. 

Rachel chases after the truth of the past while a bounty hunter assaults her present. Only the lone figure of Leonardo, a figure in the shadows, offers safety, protection, and friendship.

As enemies shred her newly founded life, Rachel realizes she has to confront the past to find her future.

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