the shadows series

Veil of Secrecy
Book #1

Paranormal Thriller/Sci-Fi/Romantic Suspense

Veil of Secrecy - RM Alexander
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Long-past atrocities against the rule of nature wait to be avenged...

Rachel Bracket arrives into Montana with three small goals: relocate, settle an inheritance, and fulfill the dream of owning a small business.

But curiosity drives her into the surrounding forest, where an improbable meeting uncovers an ominous heritage that belongs to her alone, one that leaves her as an exposed target to settle the sins of a grandmother she never met. As she chases the truth of the past, a bounty hunter assaults her present and only  Leonardo, a figure who lurks in the shadows, offers safety, protection, and friendship.

Enemies look to shred her newly found life and Rachel realizes she has to confront the past to find her future.

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