the shadows series

Veil of Secrecy
Book #1

Paranormal Thriller/Sci-Fi/Romantic Suspense

Veil of Secrecy - RM Alexander
Veil of secrecy official cover-page-001.

Long-past atrocities against the rule of nature wait to be avenged...

An uneventful move to Montana left Rachel Brackett caught off guard for all the Rockies would offer: adventures, new friends, beautiful scenery ... and nightmares. A mysterious family legacy leads Rachel into the forests of the Bitterroot Mountains, only to find that some things are best left alone. Rachel wanted a calm life to allow deep wounds time to repair, instead, she stumbled on a riddle contained in her big house, science used for all the wrong reasons, and creatures only special effects experts could make up. As she dives deeper into her heritage, Rachel must decide if she'll be destroyed or stand on her own two feet and fight?

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