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Previously exclusive to Kindle Vella, now Available on Kindle

Uncover the secret life in this Romantic Suspense


The exciting prequel!

Failure isn't an option…


Heart-stopping First Novel

When everything is taken from you, all you have left is what comes next... 

When Texas oil mixes with Hollywood wine, love must prove it is thicker than blood before

Vampire / Fae UF with a Unique Twist

Episodes 1-83

Exclusively on

Romantic Suspense on the Seas

Episodes 1-17

Uncover the secret life in this Romantic Suspense

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Episodes 1-14

Chilling secrets hide in this haunting tale

Episodes 1-74
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Serial Fiction

RM Alexander

Growing up as an only child in the farm country of northern Illinois, RM found she could escape to more exciting worlds of fantasy and adventure through reading. Each trip to the library with her stay-at-home mom brought new worlds. Stephen King, Sweet Valley High, VC Andrews – the only requirement the author had to draw her into their world. RM learned that secret. 

Since her debut novel Matter of Choice, RM has combined romance with unpredictable suspense, intriguing mystery, and heart-pounding thrills.  

When she’s not writing, RM loves spending time with her two daughters, her husband, their Pomsky, Chloe while building new adventures exploring new towns – and old bookstores – while getting her fill of Ghiradelli chocolate. 


"A powerful and unique romance"

Amazon Reader

"Twists and turns, heartache and sorrow, thrilling suspense. What more do you need?

Amazon Reader

"Huge curveballs into the story, which kept me furiously turning those pages"

Amazon Reader

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