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Author Services

As an Indie Author, I know how hard it is to run your business while affording the essential services you need, like affordable book covers and editing. 

With a lifetime of experience writing, working with two small publishing houses, and freelancing with several authors, I have both the passion and the experience you need to make your project shine. 


Looking for a developmental edit? Or maybe a line edit? With reasonable prices that won't make your bank account shed a tear, I can help.                                             More Details                              



Your story is good to go in the editing department. Now you need it to look good on an e-reader or print but aren't sure what's the best way to do it. Or you'd just rather just move on to the next book and let someone else handle the little details. Either way, I've got you covered.           

                                                                             More Details


Book Cover / Advertising Graphics

The wrong cover can skink a perfect story. I specialize in romance and fantasy covers. Check out my portfolio or premade, or order a custom cover.                                                                                  Portfolio               




You just want someone to do a quick read-through of your first chapter and make sure it's headed in the right direction. Don't worry about how rough it is, we'll just work together to make sure it's grabbing the attention of the reader so you can wrap up that manuscript and take it to the next step.                                                                                                                                 $15

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