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RM can't remember a time when she wasn't surrounding herself with books. As an only child until she was a teen, she often allowed on her imagination and books to keep herself company. Frequent visits to the library with her mom only fed her love for reading and an already active imagination. 


Early on, she'd grab piles of books from her little bookcase and read long into the night. Each trip to the library meant a treasure trove of new adventures. By the time she was twelve years old, everything was fair game: from Sweet Valley High and Babysitters Club to V.C. Andrews,  Stephen King,  and John Saul. As she grew older,  the genres she ventured into became even more eclectic. Her only requirement was getting lost in the story. 

Her first attempt at writing came at ten years old while, during a sleepover, she tried writing a ghost story. In sixth grade, she entered my school's writing contest, and in college, her writing professor allowed her to work on a novel instead of following the curriculum.


But at the time, writing was only a hobby she enjoyed. She'd picked it up then put it  back down, sometimes for months or years at a time, but never thought of it as a career. Instead, she majored in communications with the goal of a career in journalism. After a couple of years, she changed course and entered the travel industry. Travel had always been another love, especially to Walt Disney World, and the choice seemed the perfect fit. She later opened her own travel agency and grew it from the ground up until the Great Recession of 2008 rolled in, and along with it, the blessing of her first child.


With her birth, RM left behind the office career and finally admitted what she already knew - she wanted to spend her life creating on paper what played in her head. A series that had already been haunting her dreams for months became her first attempt at breaking into the publishing world. 

While RM wrote the Sci-Fi / Paranormal romance series, SHADOWS first, MATTER OF CHOICE, a  second-chance-at-love contemporary romance, would be the first to be published in 2014. Since then, RM has been honored to be nominated for several Readers' Choice Awards and to be a 2016 Top 10 finalist in the Global Author Academy Awards.


Until then, she wrote romantic suspense as RM Alexander. But, like her reading habits, her characters wouldn't remain locked in the box of a single genre, so, in 2019, RM launched the pen name, Melody Ash.

Now she was free to write romantic suspense in all its subgenres under RM Alexander and speculative fiction as Melody Ash where romance was not a driving force in the story. 

As a complex PTSD and trauma survivor, she often writes characters who face the worse circumstances and must search for their inner strength to overcome insurmountable odds. It is her hope that readers not only connect with the characters and stories but also are encouraged, as they read the last word, that their real-world problems can be overcome.

Outside her writing world, RM spends my time with her husband, two girls, and a Pomsky named Chloe in Indiana. She still loves to travel and is addicted to orange juice, Ghirardelli chocolate, and adventure. 


Tiktok: RM Alexander

Facebook Page: RM Alexander

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